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Zenegy was founded in 2017 with a desire to create a whole new generation of payroll systems, and rethink the existing ones. The vision is to give everyone a better experience and understanding of salary, through an innovative, and user-friendly platform.


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Zenegy is a constantly evolving payroll system. We are a future-proof solution that always works hard for our goals and customers. In our roadmap, you can get an overview of all our improvements over time, and new functions that make the payroll and HR more simple.



Zenegy is tech - right down to the core. We are passionate about payroll and technology, and have combined them into a modern payroll- and HR system. The system is built on a digital mindset, with a desire for more freedom and new thinking of the old methods.

Our user-friendly system automates and optimizes companies' manual work tasks - so you can focus on the more business-oriented and value-creating tasks in the everyday life.

Our values are the foundation of everything we do. We have dedicated our work to set a whole new standard for salary, with the goal of revolutionizing the entrenched processes and creating more transparency and flexibility.

Zenegy is more than just a payroll system

Zenegy is so much more than a software system. Are you looking for a little bit more in the everyday life than just a payroll system?
Zenegy sets a whole new standard for payroll systems, both for the employees and companies.

More overview

Zenegy has made payroll and HR easy for everyone. We have minimized the manual work processes through automation and gathered all necessary functions under one digital platform. This means that you can get an overview of all payroll elements more quickly.

More transparency

With Zenegy, you can offer your employees more salary transparency. Zenegy gives both the company and the employees full freedom and transparency in their own payroll conditions - we believe this is crucial for a good and professional payroll experience.

More efficiency

Zenegy is built on open API and offers countless integration options. It allows you to work across multiple systems at once, and avoid duplication. It does not get easier!

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More focus on the employee

The vision of a better understanding of salary was the starting shot at Zenegy. We want to give all employees the ultimate payroll experience and create a direct connection between the company and the employee. We believe that a better overview and understanding strengthens relationships and provides higher employee satisfaction.

That's why we offer the best employee app on the market. The app is available in 12 languages and gives the employee full flexibility and freedom.

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More complexity - made simple

Salary is not just salary. Danish payroll setup is actually one of the most complex in the world. Our goal is to make the complexes more simple - because it must be both fun to pay out and get paid. The flexibility of the system means that our solution can be adapted as needed, and make the payment of salaries more efficient. This applies to both the small company and the large concern.

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More than just salary

Zenegy is a future-proof solution that is constantly evolving. Our vision is to be the leading all-around system on the market for companies, payroll administrators, and employees. This means that we work focused on further developing our product range.

Our partnership with 'Danske bank' offers a lot of new opportunities. We have started building an Expense product.

Our costumers

Over 6000 companies have already jumped on the journey and revolutionized their payroll and HR setup. We take pride in being the best on the market and this is clearly seen in our customers' opinions and 5-star satisfaction score on Trustpilot.

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Our team

Zenegy consists of a strong team of experienced and committed employees, each with their own focus area. We love technology and are all nerds - in our own way. We make great demands to ourselves and always strive to create clear results for our customers.

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