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ClinicDrive (coming soon)


ClinicDrive (coming soon)



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Integrative Zenegy with ClinicDrive - and get af user-friendly and digital operating solution for the dental industry

The integration between Zenegy and ClinicDrive gives dentists a big overview of the daily operating tasks and salary. The two systems ensure full digitalization and automation of your routine tasks - so the risk of errors is minimized. In that way, you avoid duplication of work across two systems.

What are the benefits of the integration?

  • Better decision-making with insight and overview
  • Optimal workflows in well-designed flow
  • Consistency and quality in personnel management tasks
  • Control and manage authority documentation
  • Correct calculations of overtime, supplements, etc. to Zenegy's payroll system
  • Automatic handling of agreements
  • The risk of errors in your payroll is minimized
  • Zenegy and ClinicDrive works together all by themselves - in that way you do not have to log in to several systems
  • What features do ClinicDrive offer?

  • Time registrations that calculates overtime and time off
  • Intelligent shift planning
  • Secure overview of your employee data according to the GDPR rules
  • Ensure that all tasks are performed and documented
  • Easy management of HR tasks
  • Easy communication flow
  • Acces to all the clinic manuals
  • And much more
  • What is ClinicDrive?

    ClinicDrive takes care of the daily operational tasks and contributes to responsible management, committed employees, and meaningful routines. It provides all dentists with the optimal conditions for a good and financially sustainable dental clinic.

    The solution has been developed by dentists for dentists, and digitalization alleviates many of the administrative tasks. With ClinicDrive you can create a professional and financial surplus - a surplus, which means that you can continuously upgrade your clinic and offer even better treatments. As a company, you must see ClinicDrive as your digital operating partner. The system is an extra resource in your everyday life and helps with responsible management, greater job satisfaction, and meaningful routines. Together with Zenegy's payroll system, things become even easier.

    The team behind ClinicDrive wants to contribute to better healthcare and more passionate professionals. They recognize that documentation and planning are important, but that it must never become a barrier in the everyday life. Therefore, ClinicDrive helps to put power in the company's routines and create optimal operations.

    Read more on ClinicDrive's webshite.