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Finance and Accounting

Zenegy admin and e-conomic Admin – Collaborate across the systems!

If you administrate pay for your customers in Zenegy and use e-conomic for their accounting, you are only a few clicks away from creating a unique integration between the two systems and save time in your everyday life.

The app creates effective work procedures for you as an accountant and bookkeeper who manages pay for several customers. Set up the integration between all your customers in e-conomic and allow the data to move between the systems. With Zenegy's app you'll get:

· Full integration of your customers' charts of accounts in e-conomic directly to Zenegy's charts of accounts. Set up your customers' charts of accounts in Zenegy without typing even once.

· Easy set-up of the e-conomic integration between all your customers, directly from your module of administration.

· Access to creating your own templates which you can use for several customers – in this way, you'll have the opportunity to create tailor-made charts of accounts e.g. For business-related solutions.

· The opportunity to transfer previous payroll runs to e-conomic.

And best of all: Once you've set up the integration, you don't need to log into different systems anymore – Zenegy and e-conomic cooperate entirely on their own. Therefore, you can always set up the integration across all your customers in Zenegy and e-conomic.

What is e-conomic?

e-conomic is one of the leading online accounting systems for invoicing, VAT and bookkeeping in the Nordic countries.

  • The accounts are conducted electronically on a computer.
  • Helps you record your customers' activities.
  • Suited for both large and small companies.
  • You can record anywhere, anytime.

How to connect Zenegy admin with e-conomic Admin

· Log in as an administrator in both e-conomic and Zenegy and keep both programs open.

· Go to Zenegy and click on Apps in the main menu.

· Click on the app e-conomic Admin.

· The set-up will start by itself. Follow the instructions in the set-up guide and connect your arrangements in 2 minutes!

Now you've succesfully set up the integration between Zenegy administrator module and e-conomic administrator module. You're now ready to continue working with the integration of your customers' payroll runs, charts of accounts, set-up of templates and so much more.

If you have any doubts about how to get started, you're more than welcome to contact Zenegy at tlf. 70 22 22 16, and we'll happily help you get started!