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e-conomic admin 2.0

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e-conomic admin 2.0



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Finance and Accounting
Zenegy and e-conomic admin – collaborate across the systems!

We've developed a new and improved version of the e-conomic app for companies. e-conomic admin 2.0 is a part of Zenegy's Unified Accounting app that makes it possible to connect to different ERP systems from one app.
If you run your payroll runs in Zenegy and use e-conomic for the bookkeeping, you are only a few clicks away from a unique integration between the two systems and saving time in your daily life. The app paves the way for effective workflows for accountants and bookkeepers who manage pay for several customers. Set up the integration between all your customers in e-conomic and allow the data to flow between the systems. With Zenegy's app you'll get:

  • Full integration of the customers' e-conomic chart of accounts directly into Zenegys chart of accounts.
  • Set up your customers chart of accounts in Zenegy without having to type even once.
  • Easy setup of e-conomic integration between all your customers directly from the administrator module in Zenegy.
  • Access to creating your own templates that you can apply and use for several customers - in that way, you will have the opportunity to create adjusted charts of accounts for industry solutions, for example.
  • The opportunity to transfer previous payroll runs to e-conomic.
And best of all: Once you've set up the integration, you don't need to log into several systems - Zenegy and e-conomic collaborate by themselves, which means that you can always set up the integration for all your customers in Zenegy and e-conomic.

What is e-conomic?

e-conomic is Scandinavia's market leading online accounting program for invoicing, VAT and bookkeeping.

  • Your accounting is electronically completed by computer.
  • Helps you account for the activities of your company.
  • Equally well-suited for big and small companies.
  • Complete your accounting from anywhere, at any time.

How to connect Zenegy and e-conomic admin 2.0:
  • Log in as an administrator in both Zenegy and e-conomic and keep both systems open.
  • Go to Zenegy and click on "Apps" in the main menu.
  • Click on the app "e-conomic Admin 2.0".
  • The setup will start on its own. Follow the instructions and connect your agreements in 2 minutes!
Once you've set up the connection between Zenegy's administrator module and e-conomic's administrator module, you'll be ready to continue the integration of your customers' payroll runs, chart of accounts, setup of templates and much, much more.