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Integrate Zenegy with Emply - and set up an automatic transfer between the two systems

The integration between Zenegy and Emply helps companies to transfer their changes in the parent bank and the employees' salary information completely automatically. This means that critical information is kept up to date across the two systems.

From Emply, all holidays, illness, and other absences will be automatically transferred to Zenegy. This means that the company's salary payment is efficient and correct every time! The integration can easily be set up with a few clicks, where you are ready to handle your salary payments form Zenegy.

What are the benefits of the integration?

  • Creates employees in Zenegy automatically
  • Updates the employees master data in Zenegy
  • You do not have to manage vacation/absence and update your employee-information in two systems
  • The risk of errors in the payroll payments is minimized
  • Zenegy and Emply work together on their own - so you do not have to log in to multiple systems
  • What is Emply?

    Emply is a cloud-based full-suit HR platform that covers every HR need you have, regardless of your business type or workflow.

    With Emply, you can realize the full potential of your company by streamlining your work processes from the beginning to the end. You can free up time for the core areas by transforming heavy administrative tasks through automation and approval processes. With a responsive and intuitive user interface, employees can be easy assigned access and easy accessible solutions from any device. This is done by employees being able to report holidays/absences themselves and correct master data.

    With Emply you can combine all your companyøs HR-processes into on GDPR-compliant solution. This can easily be integrated with Zenegy and other external systems.

    Emply briefly and well

  • Attract candidates through the company's career gate and handle them from the beginning to the end
  • Streamline pre-, on-, re-, and offboarding processes using comprehensive automation
  • Manage employee data and get access to detailed reports in the business-critical areas
  • Gain a deep insight into your employees with a comprehensive feedback module
  • Unlock the potential of you employees with an integrated learning management system
  • Always have Emply on you with the mobile app
  • Read more on Emply's website.

    A link with a guide on how to set up the integration - coming soon.