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Zenegy and Google Calendar – get the most out of your planning

Connect Zenegy to Google Calendar and use less time on planning and more time on building your company.

With the new and improved integration, you can get the full overview of absence in the company. Adjust your calendar according to your needs - choose different types of absence, divide up your calendar depending on departments and get an overview with easy-to-read diagrams.

  • Get your employees’ approved, pending and archived absence registrations directly in your Google Calendar.
  • Adjust your calendar according to absence type (sick day, holiday, sick child, etc.).
  • Create events in your calendar for birthday and anniversary dates.
  • Create an absence calendar for each department or for your company as a whole.
  • Share your calendars with the rest of the company and give your employees a better overview of who’s in the office and when.
  • No more hassle of logging into multiple systems - Zenegy and Google Calendar automatically collaborate and synchronise.

Connect Zenegy to Google Calendar!

It’s easy to connect Zenegy to Google Calendar, and the integration is completely free of charge.

  • Click on “Install App” and log in to Zenegy
  • Complete the download and begin managing your calendar
  • Choose if you want to create a calendar for a department of for the whole company
  • Choose the absence type, and decide whether the calendar should include “pending and archived” registrations or only “approved” ones
  • After the synchronisation, you can view your company’s absence calendar via your Google Calendar
  • Under settings in Google Calendar, you can, for example, choose to share the calendar with the rest of the company

What is Google Calendar?

Google Calendar is a free, online calendar available on computer, smartphone and tablet.

  • Your Gmail events are transferred to your calendar. As soon as you receive an e-mail confirmation on a table reservation, plane ticket or hotel reservation, Google Calendar sets up an event including the information.
  • Synchronise and share your calendar, so anyone can see your event info and whether you're available.
  • Add rooms and other relevant resources to your calendar and Google Calendar will make it easy for you and your employees to reserve a room for a meeting, a projector or anything else there might be a need for