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Zenegy and HR Manager – Optimize your processes

Zenegy has been integrated with Talent Manager which is a part of HR Manager, which is the leading supplier of Human Resource and recruitment systems in the Nordic countries. The integration provides you with a complete solution with Zenegy payroll system and administration of HR in Talent Manager. Set up the integration between Zenegy and Talent Manager and experience the benefits:

  • Changes in the employees' key data in Talent Manager will automatically be transferred to Zenegy in order for you to have a complete overview of your business – this also includes the setting up of new employees
  • Your employees' key data need only to be maintained in one place
  • Zenegy and Talent Manager cooperate by themselves – therefore, you will be relieved of logging into several systems

What is Talent Manager?

Talent Manager is a part of HR Manager. With Talent Manager you will have access to a professional tool for administrating key data and talent management. Here you can store and administrate employees' key data, employee documents and course certifications, as well as gain an overview of your company's competencies and much more.

  • Modern and user-friendly with a focus on few clicks
  • Set up notes, certificates and courses with automatic follow-up
  • Gain an overview of internal competencies and talent
  • Self service for both managers and employees
  • Cloud-based with ongoing updates

Read more about HR Manager on their website.