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Intempus (coming soon)

Workforce management

Intempus (coming soon)



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Workforce management

Zenegy's payroll system and Intempus' time registration - save time on your payroll run

Intempus' time registration system makes the daily administration easy and digital for companies. The system is user-friendly and can be adapted to your company and your needs.

Are you one of the companies that use Intempus' time registration? Integrate the system with Zenegy - and avoid duplication work. You no longer have to log in to two different systems and can now only spend a few minutes on invoicing and payroll. It's easy and simple - Zenegy and Intempus work together entirely by themselves.

What is Intempus?

Intempus' mobile time registration app is the ideal tool for your employee. The employee can easily report the day's work directly on the mobile app. In that way, there is always control over your employee's hours, expenses, overtime and, time off. This means that the registrations can be invoiced easily and quickly on Zenegy's payslip.

In Intempus's web, all the data is gathered in one place. This is an indispensable tool for you who need to keep track of a lot of cases, hours and, employees. At the same time, the administrator, can plan cases, approve reports and transfer the data directly to the company's accounting system or Zenegy's payroll system.

Read more on Intempus' website.

A link with a guide on how to set up the integration - coming soon.