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Zenegy and IntraManager® Work – payroll management will not be easier!

Zenegy and IntraManager’s workforce management system work together. This means that you can easily transfer approved hours, bonus calculations, holidays, sick days, flex hours, employee expenses etc. once the two systems are connected. That way all the information is automatically included in the payroll run and you avoid having to enter it manually, which significantly reduces the risk of human error. When you have to make the salary you just ask Work to calculate the gross salary. Then you simply choose to have it sent to Zenegy and you will be taken through for approval.

Once Zenegy and IntraManager® Work are connected, you can simply create new employees in one place. Employees key data will be continuously transferred and updated directly from Work to Zenegy, and the information will of course be collected and handled in accordance with all GDPR regulations. That way, you always have the latest data on your employees, which is collected and handled correctly.

The setup of the integration is minimal and you save time on manual entry. By connecting Zenegy and IntraManager® Work:

  • You only have to create employees in one system, as Work and Zenegy communicate between each other
  • You can reduce errors in the payroll process as the manual work is significantly minimised
  • You protect the environment. All data is in the cloud, as the technology is cloud-based. That way you save a lot of paper while of course following the GDPR regulations.
  • You can transfer all staff purchases directly to Zenegy from Work.

What is Work

IntraManager® Work is a cloud-based workforce management system developed for and primarily aimed at contact and call centers. With Work, your company's administrative tasks are gathered in one place. Everything from communication, shift planning to finances is gathered at Work, which gives you the full overview of your company. Via the generated data, Work can also visualise your company's KPIs in real time and you can therefore keep an eye on whether your company achieves its set goals.

As Work automates your manual processes, you save a lot of time that you can instead spend on running and growing your business.

Who is IntraManager?

IntraManager is a Danish-owned, reputable IT company that, since 2011, has developed and delivered various user-friendly and secure SaaS solutions to a number of companies in various industries.

In addition to Work, IntraManager has also developed IntraManager® Board, which is the company's bid for the new generation of data visualisation. With Board, your company's KPIs are visualised in real time, allowing you to be constantly updated on how your particular business is doing.

IntraManager® has also developed IntraManager® Enterprise. Enterprise can give you a unique insight into your entire business, and the platform also allows you to combine data from different sources and set up automated jobs. With Enterprise, you get IntraManager's bid for a BI tool that can provide you with the most accurate reports that can be used to make decisions on behalf of the company or to find future focus points.

Read more about IntraManager on their website.