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Zenegy and Jobilant – the new way to obtain extra labour

If your company needs unskilled labour for a shorter period of time, you will benefit from using the integration with Jobilant.

  • Take advantage of how Jobilant processes, prepares and sends all data (hours, pay, employees) directly to Zenegy for your approval at your Zenegy account.
  • You don't need to pay Zenegy for any payroll runs of your employees in Jobilant – this is included in the fee you pay to Jobilant.

What is Jobilant?

Jobilant is a platform for employments of a shorter period of time. It provides direct access to all job applicants who have downloaded the app. Consider the solution a digital tool that gives the employer a short cut to extra labour. Meaning, it is also a tool for those companies who don't use interns today.

  • It is easy to post a position – after posting it, it will be shown to a selected, relevant group of job applicants in the app.
  • Jobilant charges an addition of 15% of the salary, which is billed separately after the completion of the job. In other words, you only pay in cases where you get the job done.
  • If you decide to hire the employee afterwards, Jobilant doesn't charge anything.
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Read more about Jobilant on their website.