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Zenegy and Keatech - Easy Mileage Registration with one swipe

With a Keatech GPS device, all journeys are registered automatically. The device is connected to the car and keeps an accurate record of the kilometers driven. All trips are then listed in Zenegy’s employee app, and you can swipe to the right for company driving or archive the trip.

The Keatech GPS device keeps track of the kilometres travelled and the Zenegy app keeps track of journeys and registrations.

  • Full integration between Keatech and Zenegy salary.
  • All company driving is automatically transferred to mileage registration.
  • GPS tracker that calculates exact driving and number of kilometers driven.
  • Easy registration of the journeys traveled with a swipe in the Zenegy app.

Who are Keatech?

Keatech is a Danish owned company with many years of experience in GPS tracking fleet management. Keatech provides solutions for construction workers, service and transport of companies who want a better overview and location of their vehicles and machines. With GPS tracking, companies can optimise their infrastructure and make informed decisions based on data that is clearly provided with Keatech.

Why use Keatech?

With Keatech GPS you get an accurate mileage log for all the kilometers driven by your employees. Registering trips has not been easier, as all trips are displayed in the employee’s mileage overview in the Zenegy app. The employee can easily - with one swipe to the right - register the trip for company driving which must be reimbursed.

No special technical skills or mechanic assistance is required to install the GPS device in the vehicle. The GPS tracking device is a simple V12 plug that is plugged into the car’s cigarette connector. Once the device is connected all trips are registered in the Zenegy app.
Easy and straightforward.

  • Mileage registration with one swipe.
  • Accurate mileage accounts.
  • Easy connection of the device.

Read more on Keatech and order a GPS device on Keatech's website.