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Workforce management
Zenegy and Planday – save time where it's possible
Connect Zenegy to Planday and spend less time registrating working hours and more time driving your business forward. You can easily transfer your employees' approved hours to Zenegy so it's automatically included in the payroll run. Your employees’ key data is transferred directly from Planday to Zenegy, so the setup of the integration requires minimal effort and ensures that your employees' master data is always updated in Zenegy, so you do not have to enter it manually.

The API integration
  • Quick and easy setup in 5 steps
  • Update employee master data
  • Transfer hours, supplements and deductions to Zenegy with just the click of a button
  • Update global values directly from the integration
  • Define which data should be transferred
  • Synchronize data across CVR numbers
  • Transfer employees' approved hours to Zenegy
  • Avoid working in multiple systems and avoid manual keying - the systems work together on their own

The integration:
We have made a detailed description of the integration. Please read this before setting up the integration.

Read about the integration.

Guide to set up the API integration:
Here's a detailed guide to setting up the integration:

Read a detailed set up guide.

File import

  • Tranfer your employees approved hour- and absence registrations directly to Zenegy
  • Transfer and update your employees masterdata automatically in Zenegy
  • Avoid working in multiple systems and minimize manual entries -the systems will automatically exchange information with each other.
Guide to using Zenegy with Planday.

What is Planday?
Planday is a smart scheduling tool that allows you to manage and schedule your staff, while taking into account holidays, availability, work time rules, payroll costs and more. Planday has all the functions you need to set up and share the schedule with your staff, monitor profitability and maintain an overview of your business. The app makes it easy for your co-workers to punch in and out from shifts, communicate with each other and their managers, request holidays and get an overview of their work. The app is free and accessible from your smartphone, iPad or desktop. Hours and employee data can now be easily synced with Zenegy's payroll and you save hours in manual work!

Read more on Planday's website.