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Export salary from Smartplan to Zenegy

Export salary from Smartplan to Zenegy and avoid making mistakes when transferring working hours from your scheduling-system to a salary system.

Avoid all manual work just by downloading a file from Smartplan that will allow you to load it in Zenegy.

The payroll process will diminish to only a few clicks.

Use the punch clock in Smartplan to register your employees’ hours when they arrive and leave work. This can be done from an iPad at the workplace or directly from your employees’ smartphones. You decide from where and how you want the punch clock to function. You can keep an eye on the registration of hours in Smartplan. As soon as you’re ready to manage salary, all you have to do is export your hours from Smartplan to Zenegy with a few clicks.

Escape Excel with Smartplan

Smartplan is an online scheduling tool. From now on you won’t have to create your rotas in Excel, but rather you can leave them in the pockets of your employees. Smartplan provides you with a user-friendly and easy-accessible rota. Unlike other systems that are heavy in functions and difficult to manage, Smartplan only supplies functions you actually need and know how to use. All this is set for a fixed low price.

Get everything you need for managing online scheduling:

  • User-friendly planning tool
  • Swap shifts with or without admin approval
  • Punchclock on iPad or Apps
  • Clear and easy communication tool
  • Easy registration of absence
  • Automatic scheduling based on wishes and rules of your choosing
  • Free Apps
  • And much more

Smartplan prices starts at only 199DKK a month.

You are more than welcome to try our online rota for 30 days. No charges, no obligations.