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Integrate Zenegy with SmartTID - and set up a simple and flexible solution for the company's time registration

The integration between Zenegy and SmartTID gives companies a comprehensive overview of all employees' meeting time and work tasks, across the two systems. All the registrations will easily and quickly be invoiced on Zenegy's payslip - so you avoid duplication of work.

SmartTID and Zenegy's payroll system provide you with a solution that makes the administrative work easily, faster and more manageable.

What are the benefits of the integration?

  • Automatically creates all the time registrations in Zenegy
  • Zenegy and SmartTID ease the workload of the administrative work
  • You do not have to manage the hours in two systems
  • The risk of errors in you payroll is minimized
  • Zenegy and SmartTID works together on their own - so you do not have to log in to multiple systems
  • What is SmartTID?

    SmartTID is a flexible and efficient solution for companies' time registration. With the system, employees can easily stamp in or out using the SmartTID terminal, their own smartphone, or tablet. In addition, the individual employee can create their hours on one specific task. This means that you can easily keep track of how long the employee has spent on the task.

    With SmartTID, the payroll manager gets a better overview of all absences in the company. All deviations in the time registration are registered immediately in the time registration system. That means that you can both prevent any absence and at the same time show that you are aware of the employees. If you have set up the integration with Zenegy's salary system, this will also be transferred completely automatically - so the company ensures a correct salary payment every time!

    SmartTID, as one of the few time registration systems, has a collective agreement engine that keeps track of all collective agreements. This applies both to the local agreements and if your employee has special rules. Overall, SmartTID offers a wide range of different features that can be easily adapted to the company's needs. This can be, for example, knowledge about employees' calls, kilometers driven or diets.

    SmartTID briefly and well

  • A simple, flexible and efficient time registration system
  • Employees can easily stamp in and out on the SmartTID terminals, smartphone or tablet
  • Handles all the time registrations and possibly deviations at once
  • Employees can easily register their hours on a specific project, it this is the case
  • SmartTID always has control over all the agreements in the company
  • You can always have SmartTID close to you
  • Read more on SmartTID's website.