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Zenegy and Uniqkey - Protect your data safe and easy

Zenegy has integrated with the danish IT-security company Uniqkey, which is a password manager that gives you the opportunity to protect your data at a high level.

With this integration, you will be able to log in with your password and 2-factor authentication, with just one click on your mobile app. Should you lose your username and password or if you are subject to a hacker attack, no one would be able to access your account without your mobile app.

By purchasing and integrating with Uniqkey you will get following benefits:

  • Automatic 2-factor authentication
  • Automatic log in to your account
  • Long and unique passwords (provided by password generator)

Experience how easy it is to set up a 2-factor authentication with Uniqkey in this video.

Who is Uniqkey?

Uniqkey is a Danish security company, which was founded and developed by some of the leading security experts from the Nordic region's. Focusing on security and usability, the aim is to create a product that is simple and easy to use for the employees.

With a growing number of digital services and logins, we as users tend to use the same password for several services and platforms. This increases the risk of data breach and unwanted access to crucial systems and data.

With Uniqkey your company would gain:

  • Control over all passwords and logins
  • Automatic 2-factor authentication
  • Overview of employee access
  • Overview of company cloud-services
  • Extra security restrictions in terms of time, IP- and geo-blocking
  • On- and offboarding employees

Find out more about Uniqkey on their website.