Onboarding made easy with Zenegy

Onboarding made easy with Zenegy



We’ve all stepped through the doors of a new job with that knot in our stomachs of both nervousness and excitement. But remember that onboarding is a two-way process! It’s in both the employee’s and the employer’s interest to make onboarding as smooth as possible.

Many employees starting a new job can feel like they have imposter syndrome - feeling like they don’t belong or feeling like they are not good enough. This can also be coupled with the feeling of being afraid to make mistakes or not feeling comfortable enough to ask questions to their supervisors.

Benefits of focusing on boarding

A successful onboarding process is vital for the success of not just the employee but also the company. Proper onboarding results in high job satisfaction and productivity as well as better employee performance.

Onboarding isn’t just a rigid checklist that can be completed from start to end and that’s that. It’s a complex process that needs planning and flexibility in order to be as smooth as possible – and here helps Zenegy HR.

At Zenegy

Zenegy’s approach to onboarding, like our approach to all other things, is to have a focus on the employee. We believe that making the employees feel included and part of the team from the very second, they step through the door, will provide them with the mindset and starting point that they need, in order to set and achieve goals.

Easier onboarding with Zenegy HR

The Zenegy HR module gives you an overview of your company's items and accesses, helpful courses and much more. New and old employees can be invited to various courses that can aid them in their work. Employees will be able to have a clear overview of all the courses they are able to participate in. A huge benefit of this for the employees is that they will always be able to keep track of their progress under their employee profile where there will be a diploma for every completed course.

Additionally, within the Zenegy HR module we will also be able to keep track of all items and accesses. Onboarding new employees comes with administrative work and the items and access module makes this whole process easier for everyone. The managers can digitally register who has what in the company, and the employee simply needs to approve.

The module effortlessly keeps track of your assets, saving you both time and money, and making HR processes such as onboarding run smoothly.

That said, onboarding shouldn’t be considered a temporary thing but should be a gradual ease into the company so that employees don’t feel lost. MUS interviews and other conversations can be added so employees can track their progress and see how they are developing within their job role, and if they need any guidance. As a bonus, these interviews can be set up and managed in the HR-module. It's just so easy!