Everyone can use a skills boost

Everyone can use a skills boost



As a person and as an employee in a workplace, you need to develop throughout life. It can be said that it is more important than ever to have well-educated and competent employees in your company who can follow and adapt to the development of society, whether it is the increasing degree of digitalisation, artificial intelligence, globalisation or that it all just needs to be developed further. This requires a lot of demands from both the employees and the company to be able to keep up with these developments and these new trends.

Everyone needs a boost in skills at some point in working life, therefore it is important that you can offer your employees the chance to learn additional skills in the workplace. This can be in the form of continuing education, training, workshops, e-learning or other types of learning activities.

It can be difficult for the employee to see what types of courses are available and relevant to the employee and how to sign up. Therefore, it must be easy for the company to make it clear to the employee which courses are offered, and it must be easy for the employees to get an overview and to be able to sign up.

So why not take advantage of the opportunities available for digitalising the entire course administration? And thereby automate some of the administrative tasks and get more satisfied employees?

Zenegy has just launched an online course module that handles the entire process from course description, registration, dialogue with instructors, course certificates and more.

Best of all, the course offering will be visible to employees and managers for the benefit of all who want a skills boost for both the company and the employees.

You can read more on Zenegys course module here.