It pays off to keep an overview of
items and access

It pays off to keep an overview of items and access



To keep an overview of which IT-systems an employee has access to and which equipment has been put at his or her disposal is extremely important to an organisation's security and bottom line. 

When new employees become a part of an organisation, they usually gain access to several IT-systems- and programs to use for work-related tasks. At many organisations, it is also quite common to put equipment such as computers, work phones, credit cards or company cars at employees' disposal. In some cases, it happens immediately when the employee starts working and in other cases the employee will be lent the equipment once the need arises. Due to these varying processes, it can be quite difficult to keep an overview of who has access to which IT-systems and which equipment has been handed out to who -  this leaves a mark on the organisation's costs and IT-security. 

By keeping an organised overview of the employees your organisation has lent equipment to and when the equipment should be returned, you can avoid spending unnecessary money purchasing new equipment that you don't really need. The same applies to your IT-systems: If you keep track of which IT-systems your employees have access to, you avoid paying for more access and licenses than you need. Especially, when an employee leaves the organisation, it is important to make sure that their access have been shut down and that all equipment is returned. It could have vital consequences if a former employee still has access to your systems or if equipment such as credit cards aren't returned or blocked immediately. 

Thus, there is a clear safety- and cost/benefit advantage in keeping a constant overview. In fact, it is so crucial that it should be formalised through an internal policy and structured process. It can be managed through a digital solution that helps maintain an overview. Not only do strong internal processes create overview and safety - they also let leaders and administrative employees save time when managing the organisation's equipment, or when an employee leaves the company. 

Zenegy is able to help you with these processes via our Items & Access module. You can read more about it here