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Correct pay on time - easy and fast

Correct pay on time - as efficiently as possible



The most important task for a payroll accountant is to make the correct pay on time, for all employees. This puts natural pressure on the payroll accountant, and not least the payroll system, which must support the payroll accountant's work and automate the manual work tasks that are most often the cause of errors.
With that in mind, we have launched a new flow in the payroll process that helps payroll accountants make the right payroll - easily and quickly.

Overview of the payroll process:

hurtigere lønkørsel

What does the new flow mean in practice?

We have divided the payroll run into different stages, where you start by defining the period for the payroll run and end with control and not last but not least approval. The control stage 'locks' the payroll run, where all calculations are calculated and reports are generated - including draft payslips.

If you, as a payroll accountant, want to generate all payslips at once you should in the new flow proceed to the control page immediately and start generating the drafts. Once all payslips have been generated, you can start the actual payroll run and start the work. Changes that are subsequently made will only concern the individual payslips, with the result that new downloads and updates of draft payslips will take place significantly faster.

Payroll accountants who do not use draft payslips in their work should follow the system's payroll process, and will experience a marked improvement in speed.

Of course, it is still possible to see a journal for each payslip in the payroll run itself.

Why did you make this change?

Zenegy is one of the few payroll systems on the market that allows payroll accountants to download a file with both all payslips and all payslips collected in pdf format at once. System-wise, it is a time-consuming task to generate a pdf file, which only gets heavier with a payroll run that contains many payslips.

By moving the possibility of downloading all payslips to the control page, and giving our customers the opportunity to choose their own control, we can increase the processing time for many who do not use the function.
Introduction of a control page also makes it possible to lock the payroll run, and provides space to start a new flow - such as the approval.

But you will probably hear a lot more about that at the beginning of the new year.

Avoid mistakes - easy control of the payroll run

The control stage provides an overview of any errors and warnings in the payroll run, and helps the payroll accountant to ensure a correct payroll payment to the individual employee.
The overview is grouped so that notifications are divided by type and can be displayed at employee or department level. Furthermore, it is possible to download a file with the affected employees for each error or warning.

Before approving the payroll run, it is possible to download the payment report, accounting report, tax and many other useful reports that make a payroll accountant's work more manageable. You can also choose to generate and retrieve all payslips before the payroll run, as well as look for deviations in the deviation report.

The deviation report is one of the payroll accountant's most important tools for checking typing errors or differences in pay in relation to the last payroll run. Zenegy allows you to define a number of deviation parameters (under ‘My Business’) for the payroll run so that the payroll accountant always has an automatic check before approving the payroll run.

Kontrol af lønkørsel

Better overview and faster navigation
A better overview gives fewer errors! We have introduced fast filters that make it possible to dive into the most important points in the payroll run. For example, it is possible to view the employees who run their first payroll run or have a termination in the current payroll run.

As previously mentioned, the final calculation of the payroll run takes place in the control stage. In case of errors and warnings in the payroll run, you will be able to go back and quickly filter on these. A new menu item has also been added - Notifications - for the individual employee, where errors and warnings appear.
The new additions to the payroll journal give the payroll accountant a better overview of errors and omissions in the payroll run and fast navigation between data.

Ease of use, overview and continuous development are some of the keywords that make Zenegy a modern payroll system that helps payroll accountants to make correct and efficient payroll - on time.