Payroll Administration


Robotics are a piece of the payroll system puzzle



The robots are coming and they are here to stay. Robotics (Robotic Process Automation) is the absolute buzzword at the moment, often associated with the process of rationalisations of private and public organisations. Robots are no longer confined to production, they’re a part of our day-to-day domestic life. The exciting news is that now robots are also a part of future software solutions.

Robot technology and artificial intelligence is a part of general digitisation. Most recently Robotics have entered the financial world. Today robots do customer service and credit approvals. And in the legal profession, you will meet brilliant examples of how robots do case management.

The really exciting bit is how robots now also are entering the untried territory that is payroll administration – even without getting paid.

So how does robots fit into pay administration, where the prime focus is to ensure a timely and correct salary payment, while continuously keeping day-to-day operations running as smoothly and cost-efficiently as possible?

The answer is obvious. Robot technology and artificial intelligence can be integrated into payroll systems and guarantee automated processes and transfers between systems. Meaning accountants will spend considerably less time at the keyboard, and let automatic integration, able to think independently, do follow ups on deviations and more.

Even a broad general understanding of pay legislative texts and agreements will be able to be integrated into robotics, supporting accountants in their work and making absolute sure that each and every employee is paid on time.

Even though payroll systems traditionally have been very complex and meant a great deal of manual integrations, the open API effortlessly makes robot integration possible, the new open API facilitates robotics integration, meaning the connection between traditional IT-systems and new digital solutions improved greatly making automated integrations between the companies IT-systems internally or externally.


Robot technology will play an important part in future payroll administration, get excited and get on board – it's going to be a trip to remember.