Get a grip on your company's statutory liability insurance with Tryg and Zenegy

Sleep soundly at night with insurance from Tryg



Tryg Forsikring / Zenegy / Jes BrinchOn the picture: Jes T.S. Brinch (Zenegy) left, in the middle Michala Voss (Tryg) and to the right Michael Gynther (Tryg)

As an employer, it is your responsibility to insure your employees through an occupational injury insurance. The insurance covers your employees in the case that they should be injured during work time. On top of that, it’s a really good idea to have a business travel insurance that covers expenses to the hospital and doctor, home transport, evacuation, delays, etc, when the employee travels for a business trip abroad. Because the private travel insurance doesn’t cover when employees travel abroad on behalf of the company.

As a company, you are responsible for informing the insurance company about the number of employees and days of travel in the company so that the insurance company can adjust the insurances thereafter. Therefore, as an employer you must report when new employees are employed or when employees resign. It is important to do, both to make sure you are fully covered and also so that you don’t accidently pay too much for your insurances.

However, it can be very time consuming to have to make reports regarding the company’s conditions to the insurance company every time there are changes. Especially in larger companies, it can create a lot of administrative work as there’ll often be changes in the number of employees. At the same time, companies yearly have to report how many full-time employees they have and that can be quite annoying for companies to calculate if you have, for example, student workers or part-time employees.

Zenegy automatically makes your reports for you

We have developed an agreement where you, with the company’s approval, can buy insurances at Tryg through Zenegy. The benefit to this is that Zenegy automatically reports to Tryg when you employ or terminate employees. Every month, a new report is generated with the company’s number of employees and number of travel days – the report gets sent to Tryg and they can thereby adjust your insurance according to the company’s situation.

What’s more, Zenegy will make sure to automatically report the number of full-time employees in your company once a year – this will be calculated based on the hours that your employees have registered in the system.

How to do it

Log in on Zenegy and go to “My Company”, where you can activate the statutory occupational injury insurance and travel insurance. After activation, you will be contacted by Tryg with a non-binding offer on your insurances. You draft the insurances at Tryg and by doing it via Zenegy, you activate the flow of your data from Zenegy to Tryg.


This way you avoid having to use a lot of time on administrating the company’s insurances and you can sleep soundly at night, knowing that your employees are insured and that you neither pay too much or too little for your insurances. It doesn’t get more simple that that.