It's easy to switch to Zenegy

It's easy to switch to Zenegy



How easy is it to switch to Zenegy? 


Changing your payroll system is a big decision and there's a lot of different aspects to consider before making the final decision. If you are considering changing your payroll system you can read more about the advantages you get by using Zenegy and how the onboarding process works when you're switching from your current system to Zenegy. 

Afraid that it's difficult to change your payroll system?

You're in safe hands when you're switching to Zenegy. We have a very experienced onboarding team that are ready to help you and it's completely up to you how much help you want. Read more about starting Zenegy. We also offer free webinars to help get you started, where you will get an introduction to Zenegys functions and we will show you how to make the first payroll. 

We offer free support on e-mail, chat and telephone. We also have extended opening hours in the days around payroll run, so you're always sure that you can get the help you need. 

We also offer a monthly support webinar, where a support employee will show you the latest additions to the system and show you a lot of useful functions. Sign up for our support webinar.

Beside free support we also have a knowledge center where you can find various guides and explanations to help both employees, company owners and administrators. Visit our knowledge center.

Try a free demo

If you're considering changing you payroll system, you can sign up for a free demo before you make a decision. In this demo a qualified Zenegy employee will show you the system and the different functions. Book a free demo.

Effectiveness and Digitalizing

With Zenegy HR and Payroll you can digitalize a large part of your payroll. At Zenegy we have collected several functions in one platform which means that a lot of the administrative tasks will be automated, meaning you will be able to save a lot of time. 

By switching to Zenegy a lot of companies will experience that a majority of the manual tasks will disappear and this means that the employees will be able the spend their time on more valuable-creating tasks. Read more about Zenegys' functions.

Employee app

We also have an employee app where employees can see their payslip, register holiday, absence, millage and more. It's also possible to register expenses. The employee just have to register how much and for what, the expenses have been used for and upload a picture of the receipt, all directly in the app. The employee app is available in twelve different languages. Read more about the employee app

In our system it's also possible to create the PDF payslip in either Danish or English, which is a very unique feature. This means that employees will be able to understand their payslip regardless if they speak Danish or not. 

Zenegy has a 100% open API

Zenegy has an open API system which means that it's easy to integrate with a lot of different companies. This can help ease your daily work and lower the amount of manual tasks. Read more about the benefits of an open API system. It also means that you are able to adapt Zenegy to your company's needs, because we have a lot of different integrations already that you can integrate. See all integrations.

You can also develop your own integration to Zenegy. We have our own website specifically made for developers and on this website you can find all the information a developer needs in order to create an integration. On the website it's possible to create an account and find guides. If you need help it's also possible to write to one of our developers in the chat to get your technical questions answered. Find our developer website here.

What our customers say about Zenegy:

  • Easy
  • Intuitive system 
  • Time saving 
  • Automating 
  • Employee satisfaction 

This is just some of the thing out customers mention when they are describing their experience with Zenegy.

Read all of our customers statements here.

You can potentially save time and money if you switch payroll system

At Zenegy you don't pay a fixed amount but you pay an amount per employee that receives a payslip. This means that if you have 10 employees one month that receives a payslip but only 8 the following month, you will only have to pay for 8 payslips this month. Zenegys system is created to be as flexible and agile as possible and you should be able to adapt the system to all of your needs, including the payments.