Focus on the employee engagement

Focus on the employee engagement



How employee engagement can affect a company


Employee engagement can have a massive effect on your company because engaged employees creates engaged customers, and engaged customers tend to also be loyal customers. That is why it is very important that all employees are engaged and committed to their job. You might think that this is only important for employees with direct customers contact but in fact all employees are important for the customers perception of the company. The customer perceives all direct and indirect contact with the company as  part of their collected opinion of the company. This is why it is so important to make sure all employees are committed to their job. But what can a company do in order to improve employee engagement and to maintain this? 

How to improve employee engagement

In order to create a committed employee is is important to make sure that the employee knows what the core values of the company are. It is important that the employee understands the values of the company and also how the company is different from its competitors. Preferably this happens within the first 30 days of employment. Surveys shows that 60% of leaders and managers feel like they have understood the values of the company whereas this number is only 37% for "other" employees*. 

It is the company's responsibility to make sure that all employees, regardless of level, achieves this understanding. One of the solutions is to make sure the new employee visits all the different departments of the company, where they will be introduced to both the other employees and what they each do in the company. This gives the employee a more complete understanding of the work that is being done in the company and how the different departments affect each other. 

Use your employee's knowledge 

Another important factor in creating employee engagement is to make sure that all employees feel seen, heard and included in the company. Employees have a lot of knowledge about the company and they know what works and what doesn't work in the day to day running of the company. Surveys show that 43% of employee has knowledge that could potentially optimize the daily running of the company and save the company both time and money.

When asked only 1/3 employees say that they are included in the running of the company and they don't believe that their opinions matter*. This means that a lot of companies are missing out on important insights and are not using the employees full potential. To solve this issue you can use a company like Mindpool. Mindpool are experts in "Employee business insights" and know exactly what, how and when to ask employees in order to get the most useful answers. This survey will also give an indication as to how the company will preform in the future, so the company know which areas that, according to the employees, need most optimizing and improvement.  

It is important to achieve a high level of employee engagement because all employees have the potential to act as brand ambassador. A committed employee are more likely to recommend the company to friends and acquaintances and through this increase brand awareness. 

How to create employee engagement with Zenegy 

Zenegy has a lot of focus on the employee and that is why out software solutions also help with increasing employee engagement. Zenegy's interactive payslip makes the salary experience more engaging. If you have any questions about anything on your payslip, simply click the element in question and you can immediately see an explanation in one of the 12 languages that the employee app is available in. It is also possible for the employee to register mileage, holiday, sick days etc. This gives the employee a feeling of more control and autonomy. 

In average we spend 39 years on the job market**, and most people spend even more time thinking about work. That is why Zenegy believes that receiving your payslip should be an exciting and engaging experience.  



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