We launched Zenegy's payroll system in February last year and during Zenegy's first year more than 1700 companies have signed up for the system. As of now, we manage payroll runs for both one-man businesses and companies with more than 200 employees. This is only possible due to the rapid pace of the system development and because we continue to step on it! 

A year ago we entered the market with a new payroll system based on the newest technology and developed with a modern layout - at the time, we were already proud of what our system was capable of. The system was geared for smaller companies with a simple pay setup, but very quickly we experienced such high levels of interest from larger companies that we decided to speed up the development of the system to fit their needs as well. 

Thus, Zenegy can now be used by larger companies with more complex needs. While being able to support these complex needs, we also insist to maintain the user-friendliness of the system.  

Ever since the launch, we've visited hundreds of customers, participated in several workshops and held events where we've presented the system. In the dialogue we had last year with both existing customers and potential customers, we quickly realized that it was not possible to consider oneself a serious player within the pay business without being able to manage biweekly pay, SH, free choice plan, AM pension and simple hour registration. These features were developed during the summer of 2017. 

In order to meet the needs of larger companies, we collaborated closely with our first large customers to develop the opportunity to define roles for employees, and we created a report generator in order to easily and flexibly pull employee data from the system.  

Zenegy is also available in English as is our payslips, and the system is capable of conducting B-income, zero filings and much more. All features have been developed in close dialogue with our customers and we are so pleased and grateful that so many people have engaged themselves with our product in order for us to constantly develop and improve ourselves and our product. 

In order to ensure that we, in the middle of our great focus on development, continuously provide our customers with the best possible daily support, we dedicated new resources to our support department during autumn. It is important to us to keep a close dialogue with our customers and luckily we've received a lot of positive feedback - which we are so grateful for! The close dialogue with our customers also provides us with indispensable input to the development of those functions that produces the most value to our customers. 

With Zenegy's open API, we can integrate with other systems and that is an important part of our objective of supporting our customers work procedures as effectively as possible. With the integrations we automate data transferral between systems and save our customers loads of time on manual typings and control. We already have several integrations with among others Ordrestyring, e-conomic and Dinero and during this spring we will add more. 

We've had an amazing beginning of 2018, and we look forward to a fantastic year with customers and business partners!