Can you remember your first payslip?

Your first payslip



Do you remember your first payslip? If you are well above working age, you have probably learned the basics of payroll. But how well do you really understand your payslip, and how much has happened since your first paycheque?

Our intern, Clara, who we had the pleasure of for a week in October, has written a blog post about the experience of getting her first salary.

‘I got my first payslip almost 5 months ago! It was a great experience for me - to be able to earn my own money.

The first thing I did when I got my first paycheque was to see how much money I got paid. It was not a large sum, for I did not have so many shifts yet. I did not understand very much of my first payslip. The only thing I could see and focus on is that it started with an amount and ended with a completely different - somewhat lower amount.

What were all the things that were deducted from my salary? What is tax, AM contribution, why is it deducted and where does the money go to?

Despite the size of the amount, I was still hugely proud to have earned my own money. It had a great significance for me, and almost a new milestone I had achieved. I felt more independent of my parents, and could even dispose of the money as I wished.

I started planning how the money would be spent. What I should buy, and save up for. It just suddenly set off some completely different thoughts in me and I started to become more aware of my consumption.'

For many Danes, the payslip in pdf is a natural part of our working life, where we have over time learned to decipher the various payroll elements on the payslip. But how much do we really have control over our paycheque?

Zenegy's employee app makes it easy to understand the payslip and follow the salary development over time. The employee can keep track of all deposits and withdrawals, e.g. taxes, deductions, surcharges, held and earned holidays, mileage and much more. All payroll items come with a description, and gives all employees a really good starting point for understanding the payroll.

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