Holiday and absence registration



Holiday should be easy and the same goes for holiday accounting. That's why Zenegy makes it easy employees to request holiday or register sick days using Zenegy's employee app. It's just as easy for the person responsible for the payroll, to accept or deny the employees requests. 

We also make sure that payroll responsible is updated in regards to the employees holiday planning -earning and when the employee is planning on spending their holiday -regardless of which types of days off the company is offering the employees. The employee can also follow their own registrations like registration of hours, holiday or how much absence they have. 

When the employee registers absence or holiday, it's possible for the employee to attach a Project ID, which means that the registration is connected to a specific project. It's also possible for the employee to upload a document, connected to the registration e.g. medical documentation. 

With Zenegy you can be sure that the holiday and holiday pay, that your employees earn always corresponds with the employees terms of employment, when they're automatically transferred to FerieKonto.