Expense management with Zenegy




With Zenegy's expense management it's easy to register and process expenses. The employee just has to enter the date, amount and upload a picture of the receipt. When the employee saves this registration it will automatically be sent to approval in Zenegy, where the person responsible for the salary can approve or deny the registration. All approved registrations will automatically be added to the next payroll. The bookkeepers and company owners can easily extract a report with all registrations and receipts, so they can be logged. 

By using Zenegy's employee app the employee can register expenses, while on the go. With this solution it's never been easier to manage expenses. 

Add a Project ID

As with all other registrations in Zenegy the employee can add a Project ID, if the expense is connected to a specific project. It's also possible to attach files, if the employee wants to document the expense with a picture of a receipt or similar. digital registrering af udlæg direkte fra mobil