Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions are provided here. If you are unable to find an answer to your question, please get in touch.

In General

What is Zenegy?

Zenegy is a modern payroll system allowing companies to do flawless payroll runs on an innovative platform. We've waved goodbye to the traditional payslip and instead we deliver your employees' payslips via an app with interactive payroll data that are easy to comprehend.

Who is Zenegy for?

Zenegy can be used by all types and sizes of companies. We fulfill simple and more complex needs. The system is very flexible and has many possibilities for adjusting it to all types of companies.

Why change payroll system?

Change your payroll system if you you wish to cut out a great deal of manual typing for you and your pay administrators and also providing your employees with a better pay experience. With Zenegy you'll get a complete payroll system with a highly user-friendly design that makes it easy to automate a great deal of daily administration processes.


What does Zenegy cost?

Zenegy offers two different subscriptions. The two can be used in combination or individually.

  • Zenegy Payroll: gives you access to Zenegy's innovative payroll system. The price is 20 DKK per active employee* per month.
  • Zenegy HR: gives you access to our HR-functions, including Items & Access, Documents and Relatives. The price is 15 DKK per active employee* per month.
  • You can also choose to purchase our e-Boks module that allows your employees to receive their payslips in e-Boks. The price is 3 DKK per payslip per active employee.*

You can read more about our subscriptions at Prices

*By "active employee" we mean every employee that has been included in a payroll run in the previous period


Will new functions be added?

Yes! Zenegy is constantly developing and therefore we will continuously add new functions to our system and new apps to our app market. On our roadmap. you can have a look at Zenegy's development and keep updated on new developments and milestones.

Where do I find a holiday pay report with a period on it?

This is not a part of Zenegy's solution at the moment. The holiday pay report is a snapshot and should be created after last payroll run.

How does extra holiday entitlement work?

As a company you set up the basics under "My company" > "Salary and bank". You define whether extra holiday entitlement should follow the calendar year or holiday year.

How do I provide Zenegy with access to my agreement?

If Zenegy has access to your agreement it is easier for our support to help you. You provide us with access by:

  • Log in to Zenegy and go to "My company" at the top of the black bar
  • Click on "Administrators"
  • Click on "View all administrators" in the top right corner
  • Find Zenegy on the list of administrators (we are at the bottom)
  • Go to our admin page
  • Provide us with "Limited access" or "Full access"
Once you've received the help you need, we would like to ask you to close the access again.

Who can see what with the function "Documents"?

Owner and administrator can see all documents that are downloaded. The owner and administrator can choose which documents to make visible for the employee.

How do I resign an employee?

Go to the employee's profile and go to "Employment". Here you can resign the employee - remember that the resignation date can't be in the previous year - in order to resign the employee correctly, you'll need to run a payroll with a period that covers the resignation date. If the employee has been employed on pay with holiday, the saldo for holiday entitled pay should be updated once the last payroll run is run for the employee. Remember to check whether days holiday that are spent are included in the last payroll run.

Why do I always need to turn automatic zero filing on?

Zero filing should be activated in order for bookkeepers to avoid worrying about remembering it each month - in case you miss running your payroll on the last disposable date in the month. By activating zero filing, it will be reported to SKAT that there are zero filings in the specific month, and as a company you avoid the ticket of 800DKK. Zero filing must also be activated if you pay b-remuneration because SKAT doesn't register b-remuneration payroll runs as a pay report because it doesn't include AM contribution. Zenegy, therefore, recommends to always keep the function activated. You activate the function under "My company" > "Salary and bank".

Which deployment does my employee need in regards to salary and income type?

Under the employee's employment you can choose different salary types. The salary types differentiate in terms of whether the employee has a fixed pay each month, is hourly paid (with or without holiday), or whether the employee is an casual labourer.

  • Set salary: An employee who receives fixed pay each month. If it is an employee who are paid by the month "Employee" should be chosen under type of income. This way the employee will receive pay during holiday.
  • Hourly paid: An hourly paid employee can either be with or without holiday pay.
  • Casual worker: A casual worker is an employee with short, finishing periods of employment in the company.

There are also different types of income. The three types of income are: Employee, Director and Majority shareholder.

  • Employee: The employee earns pay with holiday.
  • Director: A director doesn't earn holiday.
  • Majority shareholder: This type of income is registered separately in eIndkomst.

How do I reactivate an employee who has been resigned?

  • Go to "Employees" and choose "Resigned" in the right corner - you can also search for the employee.
  • Choose the employee you wish to reactivate.
  • At the employee's profile you choose "Reactivate" in the upper right corner.
  • Control that the employee type and pay type is correct in the pop-up.
  • If the employee's original balance is to be included you must tick off "Clear balance" as "Inactive".
  • Click Save
  • Control that the start balance is correct under "Employee" > "Start balance".

How do I change an hourly paid employee to a salaried employee?

First you will need to assess whether a payroll has been run while the employee has been paid by the hour.

If no: You can simply change the employee's pay type under "Employee" > "Employment" > "Salary type". Here you change the salary type to "Set salary (salaried employee/manager)" and click on save. The holiday supplement can be added under "Employee" > "Salary profile" > "Days of holiday and care days". The holiday supplement per year is set to be 1% unless it is higher due to agreement.

If yes: The employee must be resigned during a payroll run. This includes 4 steps:

  1. The resignation date must be indicated under "Employee" > Employment > Resignation of employee. Here you'll need to type the date for resignation, last work day, reason for resignation, who the employee has been resigned by and optionally a note/comment on the resignation. Afterwards you'll click on "Resign".
  2. Start a payroll run, where the resignation date is included in the pay period. Set up a payroll run and complete it as usual. Hereby the employee has been resigned.
  3. Reactivate the employee by searching for him/her under "Employees" and filter the list by only showing those that have been resigned. Go to the employees profile and click on "Reactivate" in the upper right corner. A little pop-up will show up where you'll need to choose employee type. Choose "Employee" as the employee type and then choose "Set salary (salaried employee/manager). "Clear balance" must be "Inactive". Following, please check if the start balance is correct under "Employee" > Start balance.
  4. The employee is then an active employee and the person's information can be updated/filled out under "Employee" > "Profile" > "Employment" > "Salary profile".


Is it safe to use Zenegy?

Zenegy complies all applicable encryption rules and secures your information against potential intruders.

What does Zenegy do in regards to GDPR and data processing addendum?

Zenegy complies with all demands for GDPR and we've made it easy for our customers to generate a data processing addendum on our website. Create a data processing addendum here.

Can people see my personal information?

The answer is sweet and simple - no. Your private digital data is safe with us.

What is two-factor login?

It is an extra safety module with two-factor login for you and your employees. With two-factor login, you and your employees will receive a unique code on your phone that should be inserted when logging into Zenegy. This increases the safety of your data. You can receive login-and backup codes via SMS. The safety module is free.

Getting started

Why can't I log into the system when I've been invited by my employer?

It is important that you activate your profile via the link within 24 hours upon receiving the invitation. After 24 hours the link will be shut down.

Why can't I set up a payroll subscription?

Subscriptions are added under "My company" > "Subscription". Click on Zenegy - subscription and add credit card details. We accept Mastercard, Visa or VisaDankort. This means that we don't accept Dankort - only VisaDankort.

Can I pay for my subscription with Dankort?

The subscriptions must be paid for using credit cards or debit cards - Dankort is not applicable in the solution at this point.

Where do I collect/update tax card?

Tax cards are automatically updated every night when new tax cards are retrieved. You can also choose to collect the tax card immediately when setting up the employee. You must be aware of the waiting time at SKAT. The tax cards are updated once per 24 hours - typically at night.

Why don't I receive an invoice from feriegiro or ATP - only reminders?

You must let feriegiro and ATP know that you've changed your pay provider that doesn't pay your company's ATP or holiday pay.

Payroll run

Which registrations will be included in the payroll run?

Mileage and hours are included if they've been approved. Absence that is approved in retrospect in a new payroll run will not automatically be included in the next payroll run - by including it you'll need to turn on advanced settings and give the period for absence - for example 1.1.2018 up to the date that you wish to run the pay for. In this way all prior approved absence included in the period will be included in the payroll run.

When is the deadline for running the payroll via Nets?

The second last weekday before 10:00 if the next day is a disposable date - meaning that it shouldn't be a holiday or bank holiday. As an example, if the last weekday of the month is on a friday, the pay must be approved at 10:00 on thursday. However, it is always a good idea to be early and approve the pay before the last available day.

Do I also get automatic pay of ATP and holiday pay with a Nets agreement?

All of your payments can be paid automatically with your Nets agreement – including ATP and holiday pay. You can also set up several Nets agreements for different payments. This allows automatic payment from different bank accounts. In order to set up your Nets agreements, go to ”My company”. Be aware of the fact that if you've set up payment service, you'll need to unsubscribe to it once Zenegy starts conducting the payments. Under ”Reports > Payments” you can gain an overview of all of your payments.

Where do I pay free choice and the SH balance?

This is activated under "Advanced options" where the payment will include all employees who are included in the payroll run. If you wish to do it for a single employee, you do this during the payroll run under AM pension where you type the amount to be paid.

Where do I turn on the holiday supplement in the payroll run (Once a year in April and May)?

Holiday supplement is paid in connection with the payroll run, where it is turned on under "Advanced options". Once the holiday supplement has been turned on, it will paid to all employees who are included in the payroll run and who has holiday supplement on their profiles. By doing this, their accounts will be emptied for receivable holiday supplement.

Why is ATP not calculated?

There could be several reasons why ATP is not calculated. It could be due to the fact that the employee is below 16 years old, work less than 9 hours per week or if the employee has been employed as a casual worker. You can read more about ATP's rules on their website.

Why does my payroll run fail?

Naturally, there can be several reasons for your payroll run to fail. But the most common reason is that you're not registered as an employer on

Why can't I see an employee on my payroll run?

The things that you need to check are; whether the set-up of the employee's employment details has been finished, whether the start date of the employee is later than the payroll run or whether the employee has the status "Active" under employment. It could also be due to setting up the employee after beginning your payroll run.

Why can't the employee view his/her holiday pay?

The employee can't view his/her holiday pay at before the company has reported the holiday pay to feriegiro. There are different deadlines for when to do this. As an example the company needs to report holiday pay to FerieKonto each quarter for those employees who are paid by the hour. View credits for companies here.

Why has the salary been deducted from the company's account but hasn't been inserted at the employee's bank account?

What you need to do is go to "My company" > "Reports" > "Payments" > search for the employee and check whether there is a mistake on the employee's residual income. If this is the case, there's probably a mistake in the sort code or account number. Therefore, the amount has been returned to the company's bank account.

Why is the holiday entitled pay different this month compared to the previous when the gross pay is the same?

It is probably due to the fact that some employees have spent days of holiday, and no holiday entitled pay is earned from days of holiday that are spent.


How do I integrate Zenegy with e-conomic?

In order to integrate Zenegy with e-conomic, you'll need to have an e-conomic account. You can view our videoguide on how to set up the integration here.

How do I integrate Zenegy with Denmarks Statistics?

  • Log onto your Zenegy account
  • Choose "Apps" in the black bar at the top
  • Choose Denmarks Statistics
  • Confirm that the app can have access to your Zenegy account by clicking "Confirm access".
  • Type your Zenegy information.
  • Connect Zenegy to Denmarks Statistics by going over your employees.
  • You can elect groups via department or p-numbers.

How do I integrate Zenegy with Dinero?

In order to set up the integration between Zenegy and Dinero, you can view our supportvideo that guides you through the set-up step-by-step. Find it here.