Approval Workflows



Zenegy gives the opportunity to create a structure with approval flows, making it possible to have your payroll controlled and approved by several key figures before it is run. An approval workflow adds a defined structure to the process and responsibilities of your payroll, giving your company better insight and peace of mind when it comes to your payrolls.

See a full overview of the payroll process and approvals:

Control and validation of payroll

The company can assign approvals according to needs, define criteria that must be met, choose an employee’s role in the approval and even turn on auto-approval of payrolls – as long as all the criteria are met, of course.

A payroll administrator can ready a payroll and let the company owner and/or other key people control the payment and approve the payroll. For example, a payroll administrator can send the payroll for approval with the company owner (who has a complete overview) and a department leader (who has partial overview of the payroll) with access to all relevant reports that the system provides.

Setting up an advanced flow of approvals is easy and straightforward, and is activated with a few clicks. See here how.

Approvals of registrations in payroll

The company owner has the ability to delegate the running approval of salary data to department leaders or to third-party payroll administrators. It is possible to assign different roles to employees, depending on which privileges and rights they should have. For example, a secretary can be given the right to approve employees’ holiday and absence requests, without having the rights to view the individual employee’s salary. All of this can be set up and adjusted in the company profile.