• Let Zenegy handle calculation and payment of B-income

    Do you have employees who are paid in fees? It could be speakers, musicians, free-lancers or others. Let Zenegy handle calculation and payments of their B-Income.

  • Easy and fast payment

    Take a breather when handling your employees' B-income. All you need to do is add information on type of income, amount and disposition date - Zenegy will handle the rest.

  • Two-Factor-Confirmation security

    To approve the B-income payroll run, simply enter the confirmation code received via SMS. It is both fast and increases the security in relation to the payroll run.

Zenegy B-income Payment

Do you have employees who are paid in B-income fees? Let Zenegy do the calculation as well as payment.

Employee Master Data

If your employee has already been set up in Zenegy, their master data will be filled in automatically - you can also provide the information manually.

Easy and Fast Payment

All you need to do is provide type of B-income, amount as well as disposition date – Zenegy will take care of everything else.

Errors and Warnings

Before the payroll run is ready for your approval, Zenegy will monitor for errors, to make sure your payments and reports are always correct.


To approve the payroll run, you need to enter the confirmation code provided to you by SMS.

Your Payroll Run is Now Approved

It's as simple as that! The payroll run is now completed and you can find it under "Reports".