Company car



Our company car model makes it easy to calculate the tax base for company cars. The new solution for company cars automatically retrieves information from the “Motorregistret” (a database for all cars in Denmark) and calculates the tax base on a monthly basis.

The company car model makes both calculations on normal fuel-based cars and electric cars, with which costs for the acquisition and installation of a charging box are included in the tax base.

Register the company car (under Modules > Company car), by entering the car’s license plate. The system automatically retrieves a range of information from the “Motorregistret”, while you have to fill in any remaining missing information. Here you can also choose who the car should be allocated to and for what period the car will be available.

Once everything is created you will immediately get a calculation based on the information entered. The car will appear on the employees’ profile as an employee benefit and the tax base, as well as another deductible will be included automatically in the payroll of the employee.