Course module



With Zenegy's course module, companies can easily administrate courses and provide their employees with a clear overview of which courses they can participate in and make it easy for them to sign up.

When a new course is being created, you can add a name, course type (webinar, teambuilding, etc.), how many seats are available in the course, add a teacher and the contact information of the contact person for the course. You can also determine a target group for the course in order to make it easy for the employees to tell which courses are more relevant for them. While creating the course, you can add documents and links that can be used in connection with the course, e.g. Course material.

In order to control who can view and edit the course, and who can approve registrations, you can add ”rights” and ”approvers” when creating the course. You can also make it simple and give all employees the opportunity to sign up for the course, without having to get their registration approved. The teacher and the course administrator can communicate directly with all employees who have signed up for the course in order to share course material or notify about any changes.

Once the employee has completed the course, the employee will receive a diploma for attending the course which will appear on the employee's profile in Zenegy.

The course module is a part of Zenegy HR and is available if you have signed up for this subscription. If not, you can activate the subscription by purchasing it under ”Subscription” in the main menu in Zenegy.

See how to use the course module on the mobile app.