E-conomic app



If you're among the more than 100.000 clients who use e-conomic, don't miss out! Simply connect Zenegy to e-conomic and let your payroll run be effortless and automatic.

  • No more hassle of managing pay in more than one place. Anything you do in Zenegy will automatically be transferred to e-conomic.

  • Enjoy the opportunity to split your transfers into different sections, for instance sales and administration, and to be on top of each transferal.

  • No need to log into more than one system – Zenegy and e-conomic will exchange information effortlessly and automatically.

What is e-conomic?

e-conomic is Scandinavia's market leading online accounting program for invoicing, VAT and bookkeeping.

  • Your accounting is electronically completed by computer.

  • Helps you account for the activities of your company.

  • Equally well-suited for big and small companies.

  • Complete your accounting from anywhere, at any time.

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