Employee templates



Get better control of your company's employment conditions and changes with Zenegy's employee templates. Zenegy streamlines your workflows and avoids any mistakes or manual entries.

Zenegy makes it easy for any company to sign up new employees. We have predefined a row of standard values (tax card, holidays, number of hours, maternity leave, holiday pay rate, etc.) for the three most common employee types - salaried employee, hourly waged with main card and hourly waged with secondary card.

With Zenegy's employee templates, it only takes one click to sign up a new employee, with all the standard values automatically generated.

Adjust your templates

You always have the option of creating, adjusting and tailoring your employee templates so that they suit your company's needs. Are there employees with different agreements or employment cycles, you can streamline your workflow by creating employees in different categories. The changes can thus be managed and changed for all employees in the same category, at the same time.

You'll find the employee templates under: My Company > Global values > Global value sets.