Global Values



Make mass updates on all employees in the company at once with global values.

Lunch arrangements, staff associations, health insurance or simply the option of the function ‘Receive payslips in e-box’ can be assigned to all employees or a group of employees easily and quickly with just a few clicks.

Creating a global value is straightforward and as soon as it is created and associated with your employees it is easy to change the rate, for example if the contingent for the ‘wine club’ becomes more expensive or the rate for the lunch arrangement changes.

Create a global value in your company account under My Company > Global values > Create.

It is also possible to create a range of pay elements in the same group under My company > Global values > Global value sets. It can be used, for example, to create an employee category with the relevant rates for pensions, holidays, supplements etc. Therefore, you can quickly onboard that type of employee and keep the rates updated.

opret en global værdi

When your global value is created and assigned to the employees, it will appear with a special icon – in our example with lunch, it is under the employees pay profile > ‘Supplements and deductions’.

Read more about global values.

masseopdateringer med globale værdier