Holiday in advance



The "Holiday in advance" function has become even better!

The function allows companies to define whether their employees should be able to take holidays in advance. The possibility of taking a holiday in advance must be added under settings in the company profile in the field "Days in advance".

The number of days the company can be changed continuously during the year. The change is registered immediately and will automatically be effected on the number of days the employees can take the advance on the employee profile. This gives the company great flexibility.

Special agreements

Now it's also possible for employees to make special agreements with the company on holidays in advance. Should a specific employee have the opportunity to take more vacation days in advance than the company's remaining employee? It's now possible to define in Zenegy. These special agreements and rules are added under the individual employee profile.

This means that the settings for "holidays in advance" on the employee profile will always be the first priority and exceed the number of days on the company profile.