Intelligent payroll



Zenegy makes it possible to work with an intelligent payroll system that automates your work from start to finish – there is no longer the need to work twice as hard.

Already at the start of your payroll you will be introduced to your payroll that gives you an overview and a number of options for working with your payroll easily and simply. Eventually, you will reach the approval stage, where you will be notified if there are any errors or warnings, that the system will check through for you. Other than that, Zenegy provides you with a number of reports and summaries that will help you make a correct payroll.

For example, you can download all draft payslips at the same time into a pdf format, or define criteria for deviations, that the system can check for you. Read more on deviation reports here.

Read more about making your payroll more efficient in our blog here.

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When the payroll fails at Skat

Unfortunately, sometimes the payroll gets rejected by Skat, as a result of a lack of information. The Zenegy payroll system automatically helps you without affecting the entire payroll. The system picks the affected employees out of the payroll – completely automatically – and forms a new payroll journal where you can make the necessary corrections.

At the same time, the payroll manager receives an email notification with information on:

- The name of the company
- The affected employees with missing information
- The cause of the error with the tax

With the information available you can easily and quickly take action on a failed payroll and fix it for the affected employees.

Therefore, the Zenegy payroll system helps you create a fast and correct payroll, without unnecessary delays and duplication of work.

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