• Welcome to Zenegy HR: Items & Access

    Items & Access ensures your company's security and economy. It gives you a complete overview of who has access to company IT-systems as well as who has received equipment.

  • Keep track of your employees' devices and IT-access

    Items & Access helps you keep track of everything from keys, entry passes to mobile phones and computers. It makes it easy to assign units and access to employees, as well as to ensure that these stay within the company after an employee's retirement.

You can create your own units and access

With Items & Access you will receive a flexible system where you create your own units and access. After doing so, the system will control the rest. This way, you will always have a complete overview of equipment and access on loan. 



Assign units and access to your employees

After creating your units and access, you can assign them to employees in the system. Hereafter, it is always easy to comprehend which units and access a single employee has been assigned and how many units or access the company holds in total. 


Employees request units and access in one place

Often, different people are involved in purchasing and assigning equipment and IT-access in an organisation. With Items & Access, employees can fill out requests for equipment or access in one place and the system will make sure that the right people automatically receives a notification. This way, purchase and set-up are started and requests are processed quickly. 



Create your own categories

How a company wishes to categorise equipment and access varies from company to company. Therefore, Items & Access is created in a flexible manner that allows you to create whichever categories that make sense in your organisation. 


Assign roles and create flows of approval

In Items & Access, you have the opportunity to control roles and rights in the system for each category. You can also create flows of approval. In the flows, you assign the role of approver to specific people or layers of management within the organisation in the context of purchasing specific equipment or by assigning access to critical IT-systems. The entire flow is carried out automatically and the approvers will receive notifications on their e-mail. 


Get started

In order to get started with Items & Access, you need to sign up for the subscription Zenegy HR. In order to get you going, we've set up a short guide for you. You will find the subscription on your profile in the system under My company > Subscription. You can view more about Zenegy HR at our subscription summary.