Management of expenses



With Zenegy, it becomes easy to register expenses and manage them. The employee enters the date for the expense and the amount to be reimbursed. A project ID can be added to the registration and files or documents can be attached, for example to document the expense with an image of an receipt, an invoice or other. When the employee saves the registration it will be sent for approval in Zenegy where an owner or department manager will approve/reject the registration. All approved registrations will automatically be included in the payroll run. Bookkeepers and company owners can download a report with all registrations, including attachments for them to easily be recorded. 

As with all other registrations in Zenegy, a Project ID can be added in order for the registration to be connected to a specific project. 

When using the Employee app for the registration, the employee can register the expense on the go. With this solution, it has never been easier to manage expenses.

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