Microsoft Business Central



If you are using Zenegy to run your payroll and use Microsoft Business Central for your company's bookkeeping, you are a few clicks away from experiencing a unique integration between the systems while also saving time during your daily life. The application enables you to work effectively with the management of pay. Set up the integration and allow your data to be transferred smoothly between the systems. With Zenegy's application you'll get:

  • Installation of the Microsoft Business Central integration directly from the administrator module.

  • The opportunity to transfer previous payroll runs to Microsoft Business Central.

  • You'll be relieved from working in several systems – Zenegy and Microsoft Business Central work together.


What is Microsoft Business Central?

Microsoft Business Central is a complete solution for the administration of your company. It is easy to use and adjust to your needs. It helps you connect the various parts of the company in order for you to make better decisions. Microsoft Business Central helps you:

  • Gain a complete overview of your business.

  • Administrate the economy.

  • Ensure timely projects that are below budget.

  • Automate the supply chain and make it more secure.

  • Sell in a smarter manner and provide customers with better service.

  • Optimize the operation of the company.

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