Order of holiday



Set up order of holiday in Zenegy

If your company offers several different types of holiday, it's now possible to set order of holiday 

Set up the system to choose between: 

  • Holiday

  • Free days

  • Caredays 

  • Holiday in advance 

You can find the set up in My company > Pay and Bank 

Then you choose in with order the holiday should be registered. You do not have to choose all 4 types of holiday, but just choose the ones you need. 

When you have filled everything out, just press 'save' and the chosen order of holiday is now ready in the system. Now, when employees registers holiday, they will only be able to choose 'holiday' and then the system automatically uses whatever order of holiday you have set up. Easy for you and your employees. 

Be aware that when you add 'Order of Holiday' there must be no unfinished payrolls and you must be sure that no payrolls need to be retracted.