Reimbursement of pay run



Zenegy has made it possible to reimburse the newest completed payroll run. You can choose either to make a full reimbursement or simply a partially reimbursed pay run. With a full reimbursement, everything gets reimbursed and the bookkeeping regarding the reimbursed payroll is removed, without data being transferred to accounting systems that you have integrated with.

A partially reimbursed pay run, however, the bookkeeping is not removed. The reimbursement gets settled in the accounting and data gets transferred to any integrated accounting systems that you have. Zenegy also reimburses holiday entitlement and updates the balance. If you have any pending payment in Nets, Zenegy makes sure to stop these, where possible. Payments that have already been completed cannot be reimbursed. The payroll run is also settled in eIndkomst.