Supplements and Deductions



Let Zenegy handle your employees' supplements and deductions. Set up as many supplements as needed - for the individual employee as well as the entire company. It's also possible to name the supplements according to your specific needs. 

Choose between supplements and deductions from the list below:

  • Supplements before tax
  • Supplements after tax
  • Deductions before tax
  • Deductions before tax
  • Travel allowance
  • Holiday payment
  • Supplements before tax (non pension and holiday entitlement)
  • Anniversary bonus
  • Severance Pay 
  • G-days - days of holiday
  • Supplement based on hourly rates or other supplements 
  • Equities 
  • Travel allowance without payment 
  • Calculation in percentage of an employees monthly salary 
  • Overwrite names on supplement and deductions 
  • Calculation in percentage of hourly rates 

Add Project

When your employees register supplements and deductions, they can add a Project ID to which the registration will be added. This makes it easy to get the full overview of supplements and deductions on specific projects.

Upload Documents

Employees can add documents that will be saved in their registration of supplements and deductions. It could, for example, be a receipt for an expense.

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