The 5th. holiday week



The 5th. holiday week 

The 5th. holiday week in the holiday act gives the possibility to either transfer or disburse the vacation days the employee has not spent in the 16 month long spending period. 

Zenegy has a detailed solution to administer the 5th. holiday week and if the employee has been prevented from taking holiday. 

Disbursement of the 5th. holiday week

The earliest the 5th. holiday week can be disbursed is in January and the latest is March. Zenegy has set March as the default month for this, but it can be changed in your company profile. 

Transfer the 5. holiday week

You register transferring of the 5th. holiday week digitally in Zenegy. You activate this in company setting and the choose one or several employees that should be able  to register transferring of vacation day to the next holiday period. The registrations will be sent to approval to the chosen manager. 

Easy and simple for both the employee and the company. 

The employee will be able the see a balance of the transferred vacation days, if they were prevented from taking holiday and also a view of the vacation days in the current and the last holiday year on both the payslip and in the employee app. If an employee is prevented from taking holiday ex. if the employee is on maternity leave, this can also be registered in the system. 


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