Time in lieu



It's now possible to register time in lieu in Zenegy. 

Zenegy offers the possibility to register time in lieu for both employees with a steady monthly pay and for hourly paid employees. The amount that's saved up is the employees current hourly pay, and this is for both types of employees. It's possible for the company to define if this function should be activated for all employees or for selected employees. 

The time in lieu balance will show up on the employees payslip in both hours and amount. This means that the employee always has the possibility to see how much they have saved up. 

There's to ways to save up time in lieu: 

1. Saving in hours, which means the employee can register the saved hours, in either hours or with a start- and finish time.

2. Saving via. hour registrations, which means an employee can register the hours of overtime that should be paid out, and then the system will calculate the time in lieu balance related to the registration. 

When a registration is made, it will be sent to the closest leader for approval. 

There's three ways time in lieu can be paid out. The employee can define the number of hours that should be paid out, all of the time in lieu balance is paid out to only one employee or all of the time in lieu balances are paid out to all employees. 

If you want to know more about the new function you can watch our webinar. Note the webinar is in Danish.