The Holiday Act in Zenegy

With Zenegy it is easy to create an overview of the holiday balance and other issues regarding holiday, so it is easy for everyone to administrate holiday. Read more on this page about how Zenegy makes holiday administration simple and easy through digitalization.

Easy and correct administration of holiday

With Zenegy, comes a number of benefits that make it easy to pay salaries and manage vacations.
Employees have a full overview of the holiday earning and their use of holidays - both on mobile and web.

Personal guide to the Holiday Act via the mobile app

With Zenegy's mobile app, it becomes easy to understand the Holiday Act. You get an overview of the different periods for earning and holding, as well as the opportunity to follow the ongoing holiday earning.
All employees have access to a guide for the Holiday Act. In the guide, you will find an introduction to the connection between the accrual and holding periods, and the balanced for accrued and used vacation days.
The employee gets a personalized guidance regarding holiday accrual and usage periods, as well as accrued and spent holidays. The guidance is tailored specifically to the individual employee, based on their actual balances.

Administration of the 5th holiday week

There's a few different possibilities in regard to paying out the 5th holiday week, if the employee doesn’t spend their remaining vacation days.

If the vacation days are being disbursed, the system will disburse them in March as a default, however it’s also possible to choose January or February.

If the days are being transferred, it’s possible for the employee to register the number of days being transferred to the next holiday year, which happens digitally as part of registrations on both mobile and web.

Balance overview

A fully updated overview is available for both employees and the company.

The current holiday balances are updates after each month's payroll run, where the employee can see the earned holiday as well as the total holiday balance for the period. If the employee spends some of his holidays, it's automatically deducted from the balance - so you always have the current holiday balanced per. today's date.

The payroll administrator can see the holiday balance for the entire company, both for the generally year-to-date and current updated balance after each payroll run.

Order of holiday

Zenegy automatically uses the oldest vacation days first when an employee registers holiday. If you offer several types of holiday it's also possible to set up the order of which types of holidays that should be used first when an employee registers holiday.

Automatic reporting to e-Income

Reporting to e-Income is done automatically in connection with your payroll run in Zenegy.
For companies that use holiday funds, payments of the employee's holiday pay will also be transferred to the holiday fund automatically.
The deadline for the payment to the holiday account is the same day as the reporting deadline for e-Income. It will also take place automatically in Zenegy connection with the payroll run.

Digital holiday request

In Zenegy, the employee has a full overview of the current holiday accounts. The employee has insight into earned vacation days after each pay period, as well as used or planned vacation days.
In this way, the employee gets full control over the holiday balance, with a solid starting point for being able to plan holidays during the year.
The employee can request a holiday or other absences directly via the mobile app or web. Subsequently, the holiday request is sent for approval to the department manager or the person responsible for the shift planning.

The holiday management becomes easy and efficient with Zenegy's digital registrations.

Holiday calendar and a overview with Google or Office

Holiday and absence registrations are displayed in an interactive dashboard in Zenegy. Here, the manager or the administrator has the option to sort by different types of absences (holiday, illness, etc.), select display at a department level, or sort by status. Furthermore, they can see whether absence has been approved, rejected, or needs to be processed.
In addition, the holiday and absence records can be set up for Google or Office 365 calendar. Here you get exactly the view that is important for your holiday administration. The calendar can also be shared with others in the company - so everyone can have an insight into who is at work on the different days.

100% freedom of choice and customization

In Zenegy, it's easy to customize and change the holiday settings so that they suit your business needs 100%.
The company administrator has full control over the different choices for holidays and any payout periods. All choices can easily be changed to suit your personnel policies, local agreements, or collective agreements.

Holiday in advance

'Holidays in advance' is one of the options that are possible with the Holiday Act. It allows employees to borrow vacation days for the purpose of earning the 'borrowed' vacation days within the next holiday earning period.
Regardless of whether you, as a company, have decided whether it should be an option for your employees, it can easily be chosen on the company account in Zenegy.
You simply choose - whether it should be an option or not and afterward you specify the number of days that a maximum can be taken in advance.

Holidays and care days

Holidays and care days do not follow the rules of the Holiday Act - and can therefore be under other rules for accrual and holidays.
In Zenegy, of course, this has also been taken into account and holiday settings can also be defined and adapted to the company's needs.

Holiday pay provisions

For employees with the right to salary during holidays, a holiday balance is earned, which is paid to the employee during the holiday year.
The holiday pay that is saved on an ongoing basis must be set aside in the accounts. In Zenegy, the holiday pay can be posted to a separate account so that the company has an overview of the current obligation in the accounts and remembers to reconcile the amount when the money is to be paid to the employee.

Holiday allowance

Employees with pay during holiday has the right to a holiday allowance for at least 1% of their salary. The holiday allowance is disbursed twice a year -in May and August.
With Zenegy you can disburse the holiday allowance with only a few clicks. Simply go to advanced settings > activate holiday allowance.
It will be calculated automatically and disbursed with the next payroll. Be aware that resigned employees also receives a holiday allowance for the already spend vacation days. This happens automatically when you resign an employee in Zenegys system.

Holiday file

It's possible to import a file from Feriepengeinfo to Zenegy's system. This means that you can check the data from Feriepengeinfo, with the data in Zenegy's system.

A timeline of important dates regarding the new Holiday Act

Get an overview of the full journey from the adoption of the new Holiday Act to important dates and deadlines that you need to be aware of throughout the process.