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A software company - not a pay office

Zenegy and pay administration

Zenegy is a software company that makes pay and Human Resource systems. We don't "do" pay, but leave the pay administration up to those best suited. Therefore, Zenegy cooperates with accountants, bookkeepers, administrators and other external partners. In this way, we create a platform for our pay and Human Resource systems that improves the pay experience for administrators, managing directors and wage earners. Our core competency is to build a payroll system, that makes it possible to administrate your pay on an innovative and user-friendly platform. We love technology and the possibilities it brings!

Focus on the process for pay administrators 

We share a tight collaboration with accountants, bookkeepers and administrators to make the best possible solutions in order to optimise the pay experience. At Zenegy, we keep our focus on the process - from input of data, payroll run, to output of data. The user is the center of attention, and we wish to make it as simple and easy as possible to carry out this process, while also keeping a strong focus on quality and security. 

With Zenegy, single log-on is possible for bookkeepers who administrate pay for several customers in the same system. It means that bookkeepers only need to access the system once and from there, they can administrate pay for all of their customers in the system.

Our open platform makes it possible to integrate with many other applications - including accounting systems such as e-conomic and Dinero. It makes it easy for our users, as data is smoothly transferred from one application to another. This allows you to cut down on the amount of data you type manually plus you'll get to use your favourite applications. 

The on-boarding process runs smoothly, making it easy and simple for new companies and customers to be set up in Zenegy. In the system, you can create roles in order to assign different rights and access' to pay administrators. 

Special features in relation to pay administration 

As an extraordinary feature, it is possible to reimburse newest completed payroll run. The reimbursement is settled in bookkeeping and in case you have integrations to bookkeeping systems, data will be transferred to them. If you have any pending payments in Nets Zenegy will try to stop these in time, if possible. Please note that payments that have already been completed can't be reimbursed. The payroll run will also be settled in eIncome. 

Zenegy is also capable of automatic filing to the public sector. Zenegy calculates, files and automatically transfers all necessary data regarding your payment of wages to the Tax Administration. If you state your employees' master data, Zenegy will also keep track of A-income, AM contribution and number of hours, holiday pay, pension and travelling allowance. We'll also make sure that filings are made on time.

Zenegy's payslips are designed in an intuitive and user-friendly manner in order to make it easy for the wage earner to gain an overview of the elements of the payslip. Besides, pay administrators can leave their own mark on the payslip by adding their company logo to it.