Automated payroll system with lots of features that solve even complex needs.


Zenegy Payroll system

Complete payroll system built on digital and flexible solutions. Get more automation and functionalist in an intuitive interface.
Open API allows you to customise the solution to your needs.

Automated processes

Zenegy automates work processes

Zenegy automatically calculates, reports and transfers all payments for salary, tax, AM contribution, ATP, holiday pay, maternity leave and pension , regardless of whether a monthly salary, bi-weekly salary or B-income is to be paid. There is the possibility to transfer to the employee's NemKonto or account of your choice. Automate the salary and be sure to pay the correct salary on time.

Digital Approval flow

Advanced flow of approvals

Get control and defined workflows for salary approval. In Zenegy you can set criteria for who and what to approve. You can set up roles for approving the employee's registrations of holiday, mileage, expenses or create a group that must approve the entire payroll run before payment. Define roles for approval of salary and those responsible are given the opportunity to check poll reports, deviations, draft payslips and other things necessary for approval. With Auto-approval the salary is completed when all criteria for approval have been met!

Advanced accounting

Expanded accounting

With Zenegys advanced AM-accounting you get a better overview of the company's payroll expenses and easier reconciliation to eIncome. Zenegy gives the opportunity to customise accounting and breakdown payroll expenses as needed. Set up a chart of accounts and define the various expenses on bookeeping accounts in the financial system.

Employee Templates

Several types of employees and agreements

Get better management of the company's employment conditions and employee types with templates. In Zenegy, you can create templates for all your types of employees - such as salaried employees and hourly pay. Customise templates to fit your business 100%. If there are agreements, it can also be set up with varying hourly rates, supplements and deduction types, SH and free choice scheme, and different holiday pay recipients.

Mass updates

Mass update of salary data

Updating of rates and salary elements can be done easily on all employees. The company's rates, supplements, deductions, and other pay items can be organised and managed centrally in Zenegy. If you need to change rates for lunch, change your pension, free phone or anything else, this can be done for all employees at once. If there are staff associations, or rates that only apply to one group of employees, it can also be administered easily and possibly transferred to a separate account.

Company Car

Automatic calculation of company cars

Get automatic calculation of tax base for the company's cars. Zenegy automatically retrieves information from the Motor Register and calculates the employee's tax base, which is automatically transferred to the salary. Zenegy handles both the calculation of fuel-powered cars and electric cars.

Zenegy HR

Get access to Zenegy's HR-solutions

Get Zenegy HR for the payroll system and get access to a selection of useful functions, that digitalise the company's staff administration. With Zenegy HR it's never been easier to share statutory documents with the employees and store them securely. Keep track of which items and accesses the company has handed out, making on- and offboarding a piece of cake and giving a useful overview of administrating courses, events and much more.


Zenegy offers two different subscriptions. Zenegy Payroll is the subscription that gives you access to Zenegy's innovative payroll system and Zenegy HR provides even more possibilities to digitalise the company's administration. Use them separately or choose the full package.

Subscription Options

Subscription options

Open API

Integrate any system with Zenegy

Zenegy is 100% flexible and can be adapted to your preferred systems. We have a large selection of apps that can be integrated with Zenegy, where data flows between the systems. There is a wide array of both ERP systems, time and case management systems, productivity systems and much more. If your company has any specific wishes, you can get access to data that is relevant for your apps via Zenegy API.

Digital registrations

Handling of expenses and travel settlements

In Zenegy, everything happens digitally, both for the company and the employee. With the Zenegy employee app or web browser login, the employee can register expenses, request holiday or absence, register mileage, register work hours or flex. Your accounting department no longer needs to bore themselves with all the manual work or be scared of losing documents, as receipts and invoices can be uploaded straight away by taking a photo or attaching the file. Management gets an overview and notifications of pending registrations that needs to be approved and forwarded to the payroll.

The holiday act

Compatible with the holiday act

Zenegy is fully compatible with concurrent holiday, current holiday earnings, holiday in advance and other matters relating to the holiday act. When setting up the company, you can define if you want the option of holiday in advance, number of days, if holiday gets transferred to the next holiday year and much more. Zenegy updates the employee's accrued holiday on a running basis and the employee can keep track of the accrued holiday, spent holidays and more. The payroll administrator has a complete holiday overview, both of the overall records of holiday year to date, as well as after each payroll run.


All the functions for an efficient weekday - gathered in one place

Zenegy gathers all the functions that you need to make your work more efficient, in one place. See the full functions overview on our site or contact us.


Free of charge support

At Zenegy, the help is always just at hand. We offer qualified support on all weekdays, via email, chat and phone, completely free of charge. We put great weight on our customers' satisfaction, so you're in good hands.