Zenegy is a complete payroll system

If you want it to be easy to manage pay and give your employees a better pay experience - Zenegy is for you! Zenegy is capable of much more than managing pay.


Welcome to Zenegy

Zenegy is a complete payroll system with a modern and intuitive user interface. Zenegy has been built on innovative solutions and with the principle of providing the employee with a better payroll experience. Additionally, our open API makes for a heap of integration solutions in order for you to automate and streamline your processes.

Automated processes

Zenegy automates your workflows

Zenegy calculates, reports and automatically transfers everything that is needed in regards to your payments of wages to Skat. All you need to do is to fill in your employees master data and approve. We will then keep track of everything from A-income, B-income and AM-contribution to holiday pay, pension travelling allowance and much more. With automatic payments you will be relieved of spending time on every single payment; Zenegy manages all your payments automatically – both payments of wages, ATP, holiday pay and materinity leave.

Employee App

Improved payroll experience for your employees

Provide your employees with a better and more professional experience when it comes to their pay with Zenegy's Employee App. Everything is gathered in one place and all registrations can be completed – easily and quickly. In the app, employees receive interactive payslips that allows them to gain a complete overview of their pay.


Breathe new life into your data with Zenegy's reports

Zenegy breathes new life into your payroll data. We have a ton of possibilities for reporting that makes it easier to visualise your data and maintain an overview of the development in the company. The reports can be set up for different levels (companies, departments, employees) and can visualise everything from birthdays and anniversaries among employees to eIncome filing and deviation.


Integrate your favourite applications with Zenegy

Integrate Zenegy with all of your favourite applications and experience the magic, when your data flows smoothly between the systems. Do you for example use e-conomic for your accounting and bookkeeping of pay? Then you can set up the integration between the two systems and be relieved of having to administrate your pay in two different places.

Accountant access

Free access for accountants and bookkeepers

Provide your bookkeeper or accountant with free access to use the system and administrate the pay in your company. If you set up your bookkeeper and/or accountant as payroll administrator in Zenegy they are free to log into Zenegy's online platform which enables them to work quicker and more efficiently than ever.

Zenegy HR

Gain access to Zenegy's HR-solutions

With Zenegy Payroll system, you can easily expand to HR where you'll get access to several HR-solutions. You can administrate courses, keep track of your company's items and access and how these are distributed among the employees, save documents on employees' profiles and thereby keep track of their employment, among others.

Collective agreements and Statistics Denmark

Compatible with collective agreements and Statistics Denmark

Are you a member of Horesta, DAG or something completely different? You can rest assure that Zenegy supports all different collective agreements. Zenegy also provides you with the opportunity to contribute to the development of pay in Denmark by choosing to report to Statistics Denmark. In the system you can activate the reporting and choose whether to do it each quarter and annually or simply once a year.

Open API

Integrate your app with Zenegy

Are you quite the master of code yourself and would you like to integrate your app with Zenegy? With our open API, you can gain access to all relevant data for your app. Set up a developers account and get started – today!

All functions

All functions you'll ever need - gathered in one place

Zenegy gathers all functions you'll ever need in one system. We've completed an overview of all functions in order for you to see just how much Zenegy is capable of.

Free support

Free support

At Zenegy, help is always near! We provide you with free support Monday to Friday. You can contact us directly by phone 70 22 22 16 or e-mail: info@zenegy.com

Our subscriptions

Zenegy offers two different subscriptions. Zenegy Payroll gives you access to Zenegy's innovative payroll system and Zenegy HR is our most recent subscription where you'll get access to Items & Access, Documents and Relatives. You can use them individually or use them in a combination - read more at subscription opportunities.

Subscriptions - your options

Subscriptions - your options

Zenegy's two subscriptions can be used individually or be combined as seen below. Whether you only wish to run payrolls with Zenegy, or you are only interested in our HR functionalities or simply need to try both - there is a solution for you.

Items and Access

Keep track of your items and IT-access

Items and Access makes it easy to keep track of which units as well as access to IT-systems, your employees have been allocated. You'll get a clear summary of all units and access in your company and whether these have been allocated an employee or if they are available. In the application, you can set up units and access and choose the employees they should be allocated to. Your employees can also make requests for a unit or a specific IT-access. The request will then be dealt with by an administrator in the system.


Clear and simple document management

Save employment contracts, bonus agreements, summaries of staff development interviews on your employees' profiles. This makes it easier for you and your employees to maintain an overview of the employment. In this way, you can also ensure that your employees are fully aware of their terms of employment, which you as an employer is obligated to ensure.


Allow your employees to set up their relatives

Allow your employees to add their relatives' contact information on their profile. In this way, the contact information is always near at hand when you need them for festive events or if an accident has occurred.


Simple administration of courses and employees' participation

With Zenegy's course module, companies can easily administrate their courses and provide their employes with a clear overview of which courses they can participate in and make it easy for them to sign up. When creating the course, you can add rights for those who should be able to view and edit the course, and by adding "approvers" you can ensure that employees' participation will be approved by their manager. Once the employee completes the course, he/she will receive a diploma that will appear on the employee's profile in Zenegy.


Easy solution for management of expenses

With Zenegy Expense, it becomes easy to manage expenses! Enter the date and the amount to be reimbursed. Add images of the receipts or invoices to the registration. The registration will be sent for approval in Zenegy. All approved expenses will automatically be included in the payroll run.