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Digitalise your work process and experience the joy of effortless and automated payroll. The Zenegy administrator module gives you full control over your customers’ payroll administration – free of charge. Have an enhanced overview with easy navigation, access to reports at your own leisure, a large range of functions and finally a modern system that is constantly evolving.

Free access to your customers’ payroll administration

With the Zenegy Admin module you have access to all of your employees, with only one login. Additionally, you can create your admin-staff and assign them specific customer access. Zenegy has a log of all changes made, so as the administrator you can see what, who and when these changes have been made in the system. Zenegy’s Admin module is free of charge.

Digital approval workflows

Set an automatic approval flow up to allow owners, department heads and other key people to approve payroll payments before they are completed. Approvals and criteria can be set and adapted as needed. Zenegy also allows for the auto-completion of payroll when all criteria are met. 

Read more on Approval flow.

Efficient payroll

Zenegy calculates reports and automatically transfers pay, tax, ATP, maternity leave, pensions and holiday pay. Regardless of whether it is monthly pay (prepaid or paid in arrears), biweekly pay, B-income or zero reporting, it happens simply and automatically. You receive a full overview of total and future payments.

Overview and control over payroll

In Zenegy it is easy to get a full overview and control over the payroll with easy and clear reports. Other features which are also accessible are:

  • Reconciliation reports for eIncome
  • Deviation reports at department and employee level
  • Extended payroll report with the eIncome number
  • Overview of payments – also grouped for each payment type
  • Holiday pay provisions
  • Report generator – receive reports with self-selected criteria
  • and many others

Digital registrations

Registrations of mileage, expenses, holidays, absences and hours are easy to input for all employees using both the web login and the mobile app. All registrations are stored in the system and are ready for approval by the company owner, department manager or anyone else given access. All approved registrations are automatically transferred onto the next payroll.

Avoid mistakes

Zenegy allows you to set up a number of deviation criteria for the payroll, so that the payroll administrator always has an automatic check before approving the payroll. In addition, all payments are transferred over to your accounting program, for example e-conomic, which is completely automatic in order to avoid typing errors or duplication of work.

Data Security

In Zenegy all data is secured. Our system has an ultra-secure encryption giving extra protection for sensitive data. We have received an ISAE 3402 statement that ensures correct IT control. In addition, you have the option of introducing password policy and two-factor-login.

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Free Support

Zenegy offers free support via phone, email and chat at no extra cost. Our skilled staff are ready to help you throughout the week. In Zenegy you get a user-friendly system with a range of functions and competent employees – that is why we get top scores on Trustpilot!

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